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Reflection on the Development Path of Curtain Wall Industry under the New Normal
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At the 9th National Leading Entrepreneurs Salon in the Curtain Wall Industry held recently, the attending entrepreneurs expressed good opinions on how to develop the curtain wall industry under the new normal, and achieved many consensus, including many highlights. Li Bingren, President of the China Association of Building Decoration, and Zhang Jingyue, Vice President, respectively gave concluding speeches, proposing new ideas for the development of the curtain wall industry under the new normal. I was invited to participate in this salon, and after listening to the speeches of various entrepreneurs, I benefited greatly and felt deeply.

1、 Enterprises need to adapt to market changes in order to survive and develop.

A market economy is composed of both supply and demand, and is interdependent and inseparable. As a supply side curtain wall enterprise, in order to survive and develop, it is necessary to constantly pay attention to market development trends, judge which are ineffective products in the middle and low end that are not needed by the market, and which are high-end products that are needed by the market. Only by carefully analyzing and researching can it actively adapt and effectively integrate into the market. Xiao Yu, the chief engineer of Shanghai Meite Curtain Wall Co., Ltd., said: The condition for a company to survive is to adapt to the market.

Currently, there is a severe overcapacity in the low-end of China's curtain wall industry, leading to vicious competition. A project often involves dozens or even hundreds of companies competing, which not only wastes resources but also seriously damages the interests of enterprises themselves. However, the production capacity in the mid to high end market is severely insufficient, and the supply side structure is severely imbalanced. Therefore, it is imperative to carry out supply side structural reform.

Mid to high end products not only have high technological content, but also have excellent quality and performance. They are not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also beneficial, and can guide high-end consumption. They are not only needed in the domestic market, but also in the foreign market. It has been proven that as long as the product quality is excellent and the cost-effectiveness is high, there is no need to worry about not having a market. As Cao Naisi, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Fangda Jianke Group Co., Ltd., said, good products and high-quality services will never be eliminated. Wang Shuangjun, President of Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Engineering Co., Ltd., mentioned in his speech that products with high technological content and excellent quality have a market in developed countries. Recently, the company has undertaken more than 400 million yuan in curtain wall projects in the UK, which is a good example.

Therefore, the supply side structural reform strategy is not only a fundamental measure for the curtain wall industry to adapt to market needs, but also to guide high-end consumption.

2、 Cultivate the spirit of craftsmanship and establish a brand image.

China is a major producer of curtain walls, but not a strong producer of curtain walls. The gap is reflected in the lack of precision in product quality and low technological content, and the overall level of products is in the middle to low range. Therefore, in order to achieve a strong curtain wall country, the spirit of craftsmanship is indispensable.

As is well known, a good project is the result of careful design and construction, and the quality of construction largely depends on the level of construction personnel. Our overall level of engineering quality is not high, and there is still a certain gap compared to developed countries. The key lies in the lack of craftsmanship spirit and the lack of advanced skilled workers. For this reason, we need to make efforts to increase the training of employees. Currently, the economic development speed is slowing down, and it is a good opportunity for curtain wall enterprises to seize training and practice their internal skills. Among them, it is particularly important to attach importance to the training and education of senior skilled workers, and to cultivate a group of high-quality skilled workers with high technical level, rigorous work style, and the ability to gnaw on bones through effective methods such as mentoring, so that each operator can become a skilled craftsman and technical expert. Liu Xutao, Vice President of Zhejiang Zhongnan Construction Group Co., Ltd., said: "Build a project, build a monument, win a market, and make friends on one side.". The economy and society will enter the era of branding. Without their own brand, enterprises will inevitably lose market competitiveness and be eliminated by the market. In order to cultivate the spirit of craftsmanship, Shenzhen Fangda Industrial Co., Ltd. has shaped a corporate culture centered on the spirit of craftsmanship in recent years, allowing the spirit of craftsmanship to take root in the enterprise.

With the continuous development of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, a number of infrastructure projects such as high-speed railways, expressways and airports will be built in succession, providing development opportunities for the curtain wall industry. As long as we do a good job in product quality, we will have competitiveness in the international market and can win and occupy the international market.

3、 Under the guidance of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, the curtain wall industry should take the initiative to go global.

The "the Belt and Road" strategy has built a good platform for China's curtain wall industry to go global. The route covers 65 countries, accounting for 30% of the global economy. Infrastructure construction will bring us unlimited business opportunities, but how to go global is worth our good research and discussion.

President Wang Shuangjun has a deep understanding of this. He stated that we need to strengthen the transformation and upgrading of our product structure, shifting from mid to low-end products to mid to high-end products, in order to meet the market demands of developed countries; We should start with small projects, gradually develop from small to large, and after accumulating certain experience, we can proceed with larger projects to avoid risks and achieve stability and practicality; To go out to sea together as much as possible, unite and cooperate, and never engage in fierce fights; Conduct research on the project, clarify the situation before making a decision. At the same time, it is necessary to choose projects with good reputation from owners, adequate funding, and timely payment, such as government projects and large-scale real estate projects.

General Engineer Xiao Yu proposed a "Five Nos" principle: do not do anything that does not make money, do not do anything that is unsafe, do not do anything that does not have sufficient funds, do not do anything that does not save energy, and do not do anything that does not protect the environment. In order to avoid risks such as laws, regulations, standards, and exchange rates in the country where the project is located, it is possible to cooperate with central enterprises and large general contracting enterprises with experience in foreign contracting projects to establish stable strategic partnerships.

4、 The main body of innovation is enterprises, and innovation is the internal driving force for the development of enterprises.

The curtain wall industry needs to develop, go global, build world-class brands, and improve market competitiveness, only through innovation.

The main body of innovation is enterprises. In order for enterprises to innovate, they need investment in funds and talents, especially in introducing high-quality innovative talents and developing intellectual property rights and patents with independent innovation.

The key to innovation is talent. Curtain wall engineering belongs to system integration engineering, and human factors are very important. Miao Mingsong, General Manager of Guangzhou Baiyun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., has put forward good opinions on enterprise innovation. He believes that innovation requires the construction of an innovation platform, the construction of an innovation system and mechanism, and the introduction of high-quality research talents.

Innovation must adhere to the combination of industry, academia, and research, leverage the advantages of talents, technology, and equipment in universities and research institutions, integrate resources from all aspects of society into one, guide with high, precision, sharpness, and shortage, closely combine with the needs of enterprise development, overcome technological difficulties, develop and research forward-looking and leading scientific and technological achievements, and timely transform them into productivity.

In the current era of economic globalization, curtain wall enterprises must increase their innovation efforts, implement various innovative tasks, and take root, bloom, and bear fruit, making innovation a new engine for the development of the curtain wall industry.

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