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1. A legal entity company or individual with legal business qualifications, complete industrial and commercial, tax and other procedures, and a fixed business premises.

2. Having strong financial strength, good business reputation, and investment mindset.

3. A product exhibition hall or area with the brand "PENGKUN Pengkun", decorated according to standards, with an office space and sufficient area for product storage in a warehouse.

We must focus on the products of the PENGKUN Pengkun brand and are not allowed to operate brands of the same level.

4. Having good service awareness and brand operation experience, it is preferable to have brand agency experience in the building materials industry.

5. Having a business team and the ability to expand the franchise regional market, able to quickly develop business and complete the company's sales tasks.

6. Willing to comply with our company's market management system and relevant regulations, and actively cooperate with the company's operational management.

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