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◆ Top brands

To become a leader in the Chinese mechanical metal anchor bolt industry, the company's registered trademark "PENGKUN Pengkun" has independent intellectual property rights and has become the first brand in the Chinese anchor industry. Currently, dozens of products have applied for functional construction and appearance patent protection both domestically and internationally, and are known as one of the few brand models in the anchor industry.

◆ Innovative products

We have a strong design and development team. With advanced design concepts, rapid innovation capabilities, leading the industry's design direction, and a spirit of technology and pragmatism, we provide consumers with high-quality, user-friendly, sturdy, and safe products; The product quality has received unanimous praise and recognition from agents, distributors, strategic partners, and customers. Having unparalleled technological advantages in products and services can improve productivity for customers. Customers can benefit from our product innovation, comprehensive consulting, and professional services; And at the same time, it brings significant added value to customers. We provide innovative solutions that can bring high added value to our customers by clarifying their needs.

◆ Channel field

In terms of market development, there is a long-term brand strategy planning and sales channel construction and management, providing customers with comprehensive services. The product is widely used in industries such as municipal engineering, building curtain wall engineering, dry hanging interior decoration, factories, units, home decoration, and product accessories (air conditioning, fire protection, bathroom, elevator, machinery, stone slab installation).

◆ System guarantee

In long-term cooperation with customers from countries such as Europe, America, and the Asia Pacific region, we introduce internationally advanced products and business concepts, and create a reasonable business model based on the actual situation in China.

We have a first-class research and development, production and manufacturing base, adopting the most advanced international technology and equipment, and managing with a scientific and standardized operating system. Passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and ISO2001 occupational health management system certification.

Having a first-class professional management team and a sound human resources mechanism, we have accumulated a solid reserve force and new force for market development.

We adhere to a market-oriented, customer-centric, and high-quality after-sales service system.

By implementing market supervision mechanisms and strict regional protection, we ensure the overall interests of our customers.

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