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FENESTRATION BAU China China International Window and Curtain Wall Exhibition and China International Building Systems and Materials Exhibition (referred to as "FBC") is a new exhibition jointly organized by Fenestration China, the largest window and curtain wall exhibition in Asia, and BAU Exhibition in Germany, the world's largest building and building materials exhibition, in China. It is held annually and alternates between Shanghai and Beijing.

The new FBC exhibition has the best exhibitor and audience resources from both sides, committed to providing comprehensive and high-end building system solutions for the Asian market. At the same time, FBC provides exhibitors and visitors with a variety of simultaneous conferences and forum activities, focusing on China's urban sustainable development, future smart city architectural planning, design and construction, one-stop solutions for the construction industry 4.0, intelligent production and other core directions. It is an indispensable feast for real estate developers, architects, planners, engineering and technical experts, material production enterprises, and others.

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