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Through communication and exchange with Pengkun Company, understand Pengkun's related business direction and brand strategy.

The applicant downloads the "Franchise Application Form" from the website download center, fills it out completely, and sends it along with the corresponding attachments to the email of Pengkun Company.

Personnel from Pengkun Company will conduct on-site inspections, which will be reviewed by the Sales Department Manager and then submitted to the Marketing Director for decision on whether to establish it.

Approved by the Marketing Director and jointly agreed upon by both parties, a Special Distribution Contract is signed.

Train Pengkun on product knowledge and business models, determine plans and renovate storefronts and operating venues, and equip operating goods.

The trial opening is underway, and Pengkun Company provides full tracking and guidance throughout the process.

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Website: www.pengkons.com
Address: Industrial Avenue, Hailian Entrepreneurship Park, Shuitou Town, Nan'an City, Fujian Province