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What are the problems facing the door, window, and curtain wall industry?
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What are the following issues to consider in the door, window, and curtain wall industry?

What kind of doors and windows are needed for prefabricated buildings?

In recent years, with the popularity of prefabricated buildings, how the door and window curtain wall industry can adapt to the development of prefabricated buildings has become an urgent problem that needs to be broken through and solved.

What are the requirements for doors and windows in prefabricated buildings? Do you understand the installation requirements, standardization requirements, and application requirements?

How to achieve personalized requirements for doors and windows based on the coordination and improvement of prefabricated construction?

What are the technical drawbacks of window installation in prefabricated buildings that need to be improved to ensure window quality and avoid a reduction in service life?

How can the installation of doors and windows and the assembly construction method be perfectly integrated, breaking through technological bottlenecks and differences in demand, in order to enter the track of healthy and sustainable development in China?

Can doors and windows meet people's requirements solely based on energy conservation?

With the introduction of energy-saving standards for buildings in China and the successive promotion of various provinces and cities, low-energy buildings and passive buildings have been continuously implemented in recent years; In addition, the intensification of global environmental issues and future trends in building development have made buildings not only energy-efficient, but also a continuous goal of building design to achieve production capacity effects. Moreover, external energy conservation often complements the creation of an internal livable environment: while building energy conservation is being achieved, how to achieve the best livable effect in the indoor environment is also a topic of great concern. Doors, windows, and curtain walls play a crucial role in the entire application process, whether it is installation technology, performance requirements, or product materials, they are all key to achieving building energy efficiency and livable environment.

How much do you know about the current new technologies and trends in curtain wall materials?

Architecture and materials are an inseparable whole. With the continuous improvement of building energy efficiency standards and living environment, more and more innovative curtain wall materials have entered people's vision, and their unique materials and functions have played an indispensable role in the application of curtain wall engineering. The era of closed door manufacturing has long passed, and the cutting-edge development trends and advanced concepts abroad in the research and application of curtain wall materials are the key factors that the industry urgently needs to explore and continuously attempt innovation. How materials give life to curtain walls and showcase their diverse possibilities, industry experts will bring more forward-looking development strategies to everyone.

How to interpret the latest curtain wall design concepts and construction methods?

Developing new construction methods and vigorously promoting prefabricated buildings has become a key task in urban planning. In this context, the construction of major prefabricated buildings in China is slowly unfolding. In this new type of industrialized construction method of curtain wall cases, the requirements of "the most advanced concept, the highest standard, and the best quality" will inevitably be reflected in various aspects of planning and construction. So how can we insight into a perfect curtain wall case? Besides the popular prefabricated buildings in China, what other world-class buildings are worth learning from? We need to understand how a perfect curtain wall case can achieve tacit cooperation from planning to design to on-site construction; There is also an opportunity to explore the latest curtain wall design concepts and implementation solutions from the latest domestic prefabricated curtain wall cases to the Saudi King's Tower.

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