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 Brand authorization and use

Agents and distributors will obtain the franchise rights for the "PENGKUN Pengkun" brand and leverage the comprehensive promotion of the enterprise to enhance brand influence and appeal.

 Strict market area protection

We provide regional market protection for franchisees to ensure their operational rights within the region.

◆ Operations coaching and training

We provide comprehensive guidance, sales, services, and internal business personnel training to authorized agents and distributors.

◆ Strengthen channel development and management support

We provide advanced operational management models and market strategy support to authorized agents.

◆ Strong product research and development and production support

We have professional design, technical research and development, and production personnel, as well as advanced automated production line factories, to create brand boutiques for market customers.

◆ Other support:

Provide comprehensive and free support for the company's unified terminal posters, product brochures, brand authorization signs, and various related certificates, as well as copies of product quality inspection reports, etc;

Reduce customer investment and partially undertake display racks for business terminal image samples and indoor and outdoor image painting;

Enhance operations and provide support for the decoration design scheme of the "PENGKUN Pengkun" brand standard image store.

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